"He came home drunk in the middle of the night and wanted me to cook for him. He pushed me down onto a pile of wood and when I got up, there was knife right next to my hand on the kitchen counter. He saw me look at it and he knew what had just crossed my mind."
from a woman in the community

Safety Planning

Prepare Yourself

You know your situation better than anyone.  Be prepared in advance in case you must leave in a hurry. Have a personal safety plan that reflects your immediate circumstances, needs and choices so you know how you will respond in the possibility of violence. Awareness and ability to act quickly can help you to protect yourself and the children from abuse.  Our staff can help you make a plan that is thorough, practical and will include safety strategies and referrals to appropriate services.

Keep a box or bag with the following items in a spot where you can get to it quickly and easily

  • Restraining orders, peace bonds, court orders
  • Extra set of keys for the apartment/house and vehicle
  • Driver’s license and registration
  • Health cards and other important documents
  • Small bills and change for taxi etc.