"I thought that only happened in our house."
from one member of council when the shelter first opened

About the children

Children witnessing abuse are victims too.  We provide parent support, guidance and referrals to resources best suited to assist women helping children affected by witnessing the abuse.  

Ojibway Women’s Lodge, with Community Counselling Centre and Program Partners, facilitate an early intervention program for children exposed to woman abuse called Changing Patterns. It is free for children ages 4 – 16 and their mothers or foster parents or caregivers.    

For a native perspective of Changing Patterns, Gii waamdaab Nii gii gid (I saw…I shall speak) is facilitated by partner Nipissing First Nation Native Child Welfare Department. 

If a woman is determined to leave an abusive relationship, personal safety and the safety of her children must be the primary concern.  A plan should be in place with a specific time to leave and a strategy. The shelter can help with this.  Knowing there is support, a safe place to go and supports waiting will help to reduce the stress, anxiety and fear of severing the abusive ties.

Onsite child care is available allowing women to attend meetings and appointments.

child care